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Welcome to ICONS By TARA ROSE, where the timeless beauty of Greek Orthodox iconography comes to life through the skilled hands of artist Tara Rose.

Each icon is hand-painted and created with utmost care, ensuring that every stroke of the brush captures the depth and spirituality of the subject. As a self-taught artist, well-versed in the techniques of Greek Orthodox iconography, brings years of experience and passion to each piece she paints. 

To further enrich the spiritual significance of the icons, each one is blessed by a priest, infusing it with divine grace and blessings. 

Due to the nature of hand-painted artwork, slight variations in appearance and the shape of the travertine stone may occur. These variations are a testament to the authenticity and uniqueness of each icon. The travertine stone is cut to enhance the aesthetic and symbolic qualities of the artwork, resulting in a truly distinctive piece that carries its own character and charm.

Thank you for choosing ICONS By TARA ROSE as your source of exceptional hand-painted icons, offering you a glimpse into the rich heritage and profound spirituality of the Greek Orthodox faith.

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SIZE AND SHAPE OF TRAVERTINE STONE NOTE: Each stone is meticulously cut and chiselled to craft a unique shape while aiming for a similar size as the stated dimension this is an estimate. Please keep in mind that every travertine stone naturally varies in both size and shape.


Dimensions estimates:

- Jesus Christ: 19cm (L) x 23cm (H) x 3cm (W)

-Virgin Mary and Jesus Icon: 17cm (L) x 16cm (H) x 3cm (W)

Lords prayer size 20cm (L) x 18cm (H) x 3cm (W)

small cross and prayer 11cm (L) x 8 cm (H) x 3cm (W)

medium cross and prayer 19cm (L) x 8cm (H) x 3cm (W)

ICXC prayer stone 14cm (L) x 14cm (H) x 3cm (W)

The Technique "icon transfer," where an image is painted on paper and then transferred onto stone or another surface using various methods, such as glue or a medium that allows the image to adhere is used to hand paint each icon with exact detail for consistency in every detail.

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