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Virgin Mary and Jesus 

The Virgin Mary and Jesus icon in the Greek Orthodox tradition is a sacred religious image that holds great significance for believers. It represents the bond between the Virgin Mary, known as Theotokos (Mother of God), and Jesus Christ, her divine son.

The Virgin Mary and Jesus icon typically depicts the Mother Mary holding the Christ Child in her arms. The iconography often portrays the tenderness and love between the mother and child, emphasizing Mary's role as the Theotokos and Jesus' role as the incarnate Son of God.

The icon serves as a visual representation of key theological concepts and spiritual truths. It embodies the mystery of the Incarnation, the belief that Jesus, fully God and fully human, was born to the Virgin Mary. The icon reflects the Orthodox understanding of the divine and human natures united in Christ.

For Greek Orthodox Christians, the Virgin Mary and Jesus icon is a powerful devotional tool. It is venerated and kissed as a sign of reverence and respect. Believers often pray before the icon, seeking the intercession and blessings of the Virgin Mary and drawing inspiration from her faith and motherly love.

The icon also serves as a reminder of the salvific work of Christ and the redemptive role of Mary in the Orthodox tradition. Through her obedience and willingness to become the vessel through which God entered the world, Mary is seen as a model of faith for all believers.

In summary, the Virgin Mary and Jesus icon in Greek Orthodox Christianity is a sacred representation of the Theotokos and her divine son. It carries theological significance, serves as a devotional aid, and inspires believers in their faith and spiritual journey.

Virgin Mary and Jesus Icon
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SIZE AND SHAPE OF TRAVERTINE STONE NOTE: Each stone is meticulously cut and chiselled to craft a unique shape while aiming for a similar size as the stated dimension this will be an estimate. Please keep in mind that every travertine stone naturally varies in both size and shape. Despite my efforts, maintaining exact uniformity can be tough, but I do my best to come close to the size I have provided.


Dimensions estimates:

- Jesus Christ: 19cm (L) x 23cm (H) x 3cm (W)

-Virgin Mary and Jesus Icon: 17cm (L) x 16cm (H) x 3cm (W)

Lords prayer size 20cm (L) x 18cm (H) x 3cm (W)

small cross and prayer 11cm (L) x 8 cm (H) x 3cm (W)

medium cross and prayer 19cm (L) x 8cm (H) x 3cm (W)

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